Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spinach Hummus on Ciabatta Bread

Since my last hummus binge, my craving for this creamy pale goodness had been slowly accumulating. Finally, when I could no longer find a reason to not to plunge into its the depths of the garlicky velvety cream, I decided to make a huge batch of it, hoping that I could keep some stashed away so that I can enjoy it some time later. Also, since I made a large quantity of it, I decided to do a spinach version. I just simply blanched a handful of spinach quickly in hot water and I blended it with the hummus to create this jade green, nutritionally wonderful version. There is no particular recipe, other than the one that I used previously with the addition of blanched spinach. I shared some with my mother and I am proud to say that I have found yet another companion to enjoy this delectable dish with! 

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