Monday, September 6, 2010

Finally, after a long hiatus!

Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty much ashamed at not updating my blog for the past two months or so. We have been just swamped with so so much work bringing our pet project - VegVibe Magazine to life. We finally went into print and our launch event was on the 29 August 2010. It was a wonderful event with a large turnout (over 100 people) and we were very blessed and pleased to see so many people come by to support our event. We were also extremely blessed to have the support of our wonderful sponsors who contributed wonderful items like organic soy milk powder, vouchers, cereal crackers, sweet soy sauce, organic beancurd, eco-friendly disposable cutlery and many more. 

Please do continue to read our magazine, it is available online at and also if you are based in Singapore, pick up your free copy at over 50 locations islandwide. We will be putting up the information on our website soon!

Here's our inaugural print issue featuring Olivia Choong, founder of Green Drinks Singapore, environmentalist and vegetarian. 

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  1. Congratulations on this project! I wish you more success! I enjoyed reading it!