Friday, November 20, 2009

Chrysanthemum Wolfberry Tea

I had a tea similar to this when I was at facial recently and since I had the ingredients at home, I decided to ahead and make it. Chrysanthemum is an elixir for cooling the body and removing toxins. Wolfberries are just excellent - high in vitamin c and other nutrients. I was told not to consume more than two glasses a day as it can be too cooling for the body. The wolfberries add a nice sweetness but feel free to add rock sugar/organic sugar if you like. I like it served iced but really, its up to you!

Chrysanthemum Wolfberry Tea

500 ml water
about 8-10 chrysanthemum flowers 
1 tablespoon wolfberries
Sugar to taste


1) Bring water to boil. Remove from heat.
2) Steep the flowers and wolfberries in the boiled water for about 20 minutes or longer depending on how intense you'd like the flavour.
3) Discard the flowers and add desired amount of sugar.
4) Serve warm or chilled. 

PS* I leave the wolfberries in as it can be eaten and makes quite a nice snack.

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