Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Veganomicon Cornmeal Tofu

Fresh out of ideas, I flipped through Isa's Veganomicon and came across this recipe for Cornmeal Tofu. Skeptical about the ability of cornmeal to stick onto slippery tofu, I did a quick search online and found several success stories that allayed my fears. After pressing out the tofu, I drenched it in a cornmeal and spice mixture and pan fried it. Topped with some simple guacamole, it was very delicious, crispy and my hubby wolfed down all of it! My hopes to use it as a sandwich patty disappeared as he smacked his lips clean of the crumbs..... 

The recipe for cornmeal tofu is available online but buy the book if you can. I've not encountered one recipe that I don't like! 


  1. I tried this recipe today and it worked fine for me too. I used smoked paprika instead of chile powder, and potato starch instead of cornstarch. Just one question : by cornmeal, does the author mean "polenta" meal or fine corn flour? Which one did you use? I used cornflour and it was a bit powder-tasty.
    Thanks for this recommandation.

  2. Hi Virginie,

    I used polenta. It's a bit gritty and crunchy but did not have the powder-taste. I think it will make a good sandwich filling as well :) Hope you are doing well. Will catch up with you soon! Muacks!

  3. what kind of tofu did u use? pressed or firm type?

  4. I just used the normal firm tofu that comes water packed. If I remember correctly, I did press them against a plate weighted down. Hope this helps :)