Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cashew Laksa Pesto

This was one dish that was inspired by a meal I had at Food #03 about two years ago. I tried their laksa pesto pasta dish which instead of the typical basil as a base used laksa leaves. The dish was tasty but a little mild and since I had some pasta at home, I decided to make a pesto dish - something that I have never attempted. However, I know that the traditional pesto is made using pine nuts but I only had cashew nuts at home. Making the best use of whatever ingredients I had, I just blended the laksa leaves together with the cashews to make a creamy base. Being typical heat lovers, I also ground some chili padi, garlic and onion to form a base. I added some chye sim and that was it. Unfortunately, this dish was created as I went along and hence I didn't get a chance to write it down. I do plan to make it again and will be sure to take down the exact measurements of the ingredients. 

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