Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pleasant Surprise in Malaysian Supermarkets

Johor Bahru has always been a favorite hang out destination for my hubby and me. Aside from the favorable exchange rate, JB is special for us as we spend much of our dating years catching movies and delectable food there. It helped that we were very mobile, zipping around in his motorbike without a care in the world.

Things changed recently, when the main causeway was rebuilt. Traveling to JB became a nightmare and we stopped. In fact, this year, we have only visited Malaysia twice! On the second trip there, we happened to chance upon Tesco. While grocery shopping gets my heat pumping, at first glance Tesco was nothing to write home about. In fact, the products appeared pricier than the average Giant in M'sia. 

However, the more I strolled through the endless aisles, the more I realized that Tesco is not a local set up, but 'imported' from the UK. I was subtly impressed with vegetarian labelling in Tesco products and decided to pick up a box of meat-free bean based patties. At RM$8 for four patties, they were not particularly cheap but cheaper than the soy based ones that we get in Singapore.

Though I didn't take any pictures of the assembled product, preparing these patties were a breeze. I just baked them, drizzled on some mustard and chilli sauce, slap in between some seasame seed buns and they made a fantastic meal. The texture was creamy and the flavour was excellent - herbed and breaded - it didn't have crappy flour fillers or MSG. 

Definitely recommended.

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